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Welcome to the official documentation of Kinetix.
This documentation explains everything you need to know about Kinetix technology.

What is Kinetix?

Kinetix has developed a no-code 3D creation tool powered by Artificial Intelligence. Our free web-based Animation Portal leverages AI motion capture and smart editing features to allow everyone to express themselves through Emotes.
To discover our vision and roadmap we invite you to read Access denied
How to make 3D Animated Avatars

How does Kinetix tech work?

Create your animated avatars in 3 simple steps

No code editing features

Starting with AI is just one of the ways to be creative with Kinetix. You can also start from scratch using our studio library of assets and wide range of smart editing features. To customize your Emotes you can mix and match animations together with our timeline, blend different animations or apply styles to them. Creativity is endless. It gives you the opportunity to create unique pieces of self-expression ready for the Metaverse.
All editing features are presented in Broken link

Multiple utilities

Once your Emotes are ready you can use them in multiple ways. You can mint them as Emote NFTs to play them in Virtual Worlds seamlessly integrated with Kinetix. Emote NFTs have unique value and are showcased on our marketplace. You can also export your emotes made with Kinetix as assets into virtual worlds having closed marketplaces. You will be able to generate revenues on those Platforms with your Emotes.
Emote Utilities are shared in Broken link
If you are interested in Emote NFTs trading please head over to Broken link

Animation format interoperability

Interoperability of Kinetix's Emotes is made possible thanks to our end-to-end infrastructure. Kinetix tech stack includes an SDK to seamlessly integrate animations into any game. This plugin manages the import of emotes on any avatar in every virtual world. It comes with ready-made applications such as an Emote Wheel allowing you to socialize through Emotes.
If you are a developer you can learn more about the plugin Access denied and join our beta program.
Our plugin includes advanced methods we developed such as retargeting. This allows us to adapt emotes to any body type as shown below.
Retarget on any body type
Now you know more about Kinetix technology & we invite you to browse our documentation to help you get started!