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Suite of APIs

Kinetix APIs let you level up your creator friendly game.
Welcome to the documentation for our suite of APIs. It is designed to empower developers and creators with advanced animation capabilities, leveraging state of the art AI models to let them bring their creativity to life with ease and efficiency.
Whether you're developing a set of virtual creation tools to let your community build awesome games on your platform or a social platform looking for fun ways to let your community socialize and engage with emotes, we have the right APIs for you to develop a creator friendly environment.

Suite of APIs

Our suite of APIs leverage Kinetix Artificial Intelligence to let you cover any animation creation based use cases that you can think of for your creators:
  • Our AI Animation API transforms any avatar-based videos into state-of-the-art 3D animations, opening up a new world of possibilities for virtual creative expression and engaging content creation.
  • Our Contact aware Retargeting feature is an additional pipe of the Animation API for creator that streamlines the animation retargeting process by directly retargeting the output animation on a target rig. By providing the API with a rig at the call step, it automatically adapts and retargets animations to different rigs, simplifying the workflow and ensuring seamless integration across various character models.
  • Our Text to Animation API lets your creators creating 3D animation from any text-based input leveraging Generative AI models, making it effortless to create dynamic and visually appealing animations from written content.

API destinations

Our APIs are designed to be user-friendly, efficient, and versatile, to let you focus on your core project while bringing your creators' ideas to life.
By combining these APIs, you can tap into a comprehensive suite of tools to enhance your applications and unleash your community’s creativity.
Kinetix Suite of APIs has been designed to be integrated into a Third Party Front End with your own UI. There are endless ways to leverage Kinetix suite of APIs to enrich your creator tools with animation, creating stunning creation experiences and unleashing your creators' creativity.:
  • World builder: Enhance your world builder tool with Kinetix AI animation creation APIs and let your builders create stunning experiences with animations.
  • Emote creator: Let your creators and VIP influencers create and monetize unique and outstanding emotes that gamers will love to own to socialize with each other.
  • Animation catalogs: Enrich your animations catalogs with our AI animation creation APIs
Throughout this documentation, Kinetix will guide you through the integration process for its suite of APIs and provide insights into the upcoming features to come.
You will find detailed instructions, code examples, and best practices to help you maximize the potential of these powerful animation tools.
So let's dive in AI Animation API and unlock the boundless possibilities of animation together!