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Optimise Text for Kinetix

Write the perfect prompt for optimal results with our tech.

How to write your prompt?

  • Simple descriptive or imperative sentences:
    • "A person is running in circles."
    • "Kick with your right leg."
  • Not satisfied? Rephrase your prompt!
    • Instead of "I am angry", try "A person is angry"
  • One single action.
  • Explicit action description is better.
  • One single character. A description involving more than one character will only give you one animated character in the output.

What should be avoided

  • Complex sentences with too much information that is not directly related to the action:
    • Instead of "An old man is sitting on a wooden chair in a chapel, his weathered hands gently strumming the strings of his guitar, his eyes closed, lost in the melody he is creating", try "A man is playing the guitar"
      • Instead of "I want you to run in circles as if you were an athlete preparing for the Olympics", try "Run in circles"
  • Several actions with a complex chronology.
  • Prompt written in another language than English, or with grammatical errors.