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Artificial Intelligence for animation creation

Kinetix Animation Creator tools leverage a state of the art Artificial Intelligence so anyone can create stunning 3D animations!

AI-powered video to animation

You can learn more about the capabilities of our AI as how to optimize uploaded videos in Broken link
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    Detect: A neural network detects all the persons and zooms on each of them individually. Wonder what a neural network is? It’s a very young yet powerful estimation technique mimicking the brain. So here is the first brain of our AI working for you!
  2. 2.
    Extract: Another neural network (another brain) analyses the cropped characters and extracts the motions of the different body joints.
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    Optimize: A safeguarding check is done to ensure that the two previous neural networks worked properly. Here we use good old statistical methods because old wisdom tempers youthful ardor. Their goal is simple: make the extracted motions as smooth as possible!
Our method can be divided into 3 main steps:
You can start by uploading any video and let our AI automatically extract the motions of the characters present in the video. To make the magic happen, we built a state-of-the-art algorithm combining advanced techniques from computer vision, machine learning, and signal processing.

Single camera motion capture

Learn how Kinetix algorithms extract any Human motion from on any single camera video.
New features are coming soon such as facial expression recognition.

Full body movement capture

Kinetix tracks body movements at specific positions and then name them at each critical joints (e.g. feet, ankle, knee, shoulder, elbow). To get the best final output, Kinetix AI is making predictions accurate at the centimeter scale.
Full body capture sample

Hands movement capture

Hands movements are even more complex to detect but nothing’s impossible! At the moment, Kinetix AI is spotting if the fists are clenched, hands and fingers are opened or fingers are detached (celebrating victories ✌️for example). More complex hands movements are still hard to detect but Kinetix keeps improving its models at large scale.
Hands movement capture sample